Welcome offers high quality traditional telecoms to businesses throughout the UK and can normally make good cost reductions.


Change nothing, improve service and reduce costs.

Welcome Telecom will carry out a full, no obligation, analysis of a customer's current usage before suggesting the most efficient tariff. Calls will be automatically routed over Welcome Telecom networks at your local exchange, normally without the need for any on-site intervention.

Line rentals will always be at least 10% cheaper than BT and on transfer Welcome will provide a full list of any services that may be forgotten or redundant to further reduce costs. Coupled with clear and transparent reporting with daily on-line fraud and misuse management, Welcome Telecom delivers a truly business grade service, second to none.

Welcome provides a complete range of inbound numbers, ideal for marketing purposes and/or ensuring that all calls can be answered, wherever you are. In addition to non-geographic (03 and 08) numbers, Welcome can provide premium rate (09) numbers to generate income and a full range of geographic (01 and 02) for all areas, wherever the calls are to be delivered; perfect for establishing a presence in areas where you wish to work, but have no physical resources.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us by email or telephone: 0800 008 7080.



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